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We'll just let jonathan describe this series -

"One of my goals with this project is to build a bridge between art/art history and medicine. (To put a little poetry into the material) After spending over 10 years making art and studying art history, I couldn’t help but see paintings matching up with the medical information. There is a real poetry to the medical content. So I began searching for artwork that would portray the feeling that the signs and symptoms described. I’ve bought so many art books over the years, I started cutting out images and have been using 5-10 nursing and medical textbooks to gather as much info to go with the art.
I’m trying to find images that empathize with the diagnoses. So if I had one of these illnesses I would contect with the art. All the drawings are based on paintings.
I thought the content would “stick” in the mind better with an image that has been around for a while, related to the material, and something that’s already in our visual vocabulary.
That’s the ideal, but some are a bit random. I just liked the art and thought it would be an interesting enough match"

- Jonathan Wolf

SIZE:24"X30" - full paper size | border may vary
Edition of 25
Printed on archival matte paper 
Numbered & signed Certificate of Authenticity included
Unframed.  Why Unframed?

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