Where did we find this guy?!? Actually… Just downstairs from M80!

On an open studio tour last year, Jonathan was showing some paintings he had done using a cellophane transfer technique, which was cool as f#ck... But then on his desk under some text books, we noticed these incredibly detailed sketches - what looked like sort of a mix of renaissance statue sketches with compartmentalized medical notations. “Oh, those are concept maps for nursing”, he says, "Similar to creating a memory museum to help learning, memorizing, and staying engaged during long hours of studying. That one’s on gonorrhea”. There must have been over a hundred of them. Slowly we leafed through them, each one was more spectacular than the last. And as he spoke about each one, none of what he was saying had to do with nursing lol - it was all about his inspiration, his desire to work with 3 dimensions to both create and study, color, lack of color, form, pencil or pen thickness and so on - It was one of those rare moments when you feel like you’ve discovered something no-one else on earth has ever seen - but should.

Words won't do justice. It's just f#cking fascinating.