M80: “So you were schoolmates with Wolfgang Tillman..?”
KAREN: “Yup”, she smirks (que birds chirping).

– And so ended our playfull attempt at name dropping banter.  We can tell you she is indeed an Arts Uni. Bournemouth grad, having studied along side some other very notable photographers, but little did we know, Karen's work itself has been in the Smithsonian for f#ck sake! - and Phillips! – and countless other exhibitions.

With photographic trends expanding and changing with the proliferation of all things digital, it's a powerful rarity to witness a classically trained, almost purist, film shooter turn digital and still maintain such control - and fluidity.  Not one to rattle off hundreds of shots to find that one moment, Karen's roots are firmly held to the less is more approach. 

She became widely recognized and awarded for her works capturing an intimate rawness of the yet-to-become Olympian Usain Bolt's accent to stardom, but she's more recently becoming one of the most sought after architectural shooters in the world - especially amongst the art collecting elite.

What she's showing here is personal.