Michael Della Polla

Photographer | Videographer

After a cold day of commercial shooting, happenstance brought Michael and us together over a well earned, end of day scotch inspired, warmy-upy.  Much art discussion ensued, when BOOMMMM, he drops this gorgeous little iPhone show-n-tell of beautiful, highly personal, hauntingly dark images on us, which you see here.

Representing ATL and now NYC and Brooklyn, Michael is a filmmaker by day and photographer, finding further self expression through still image, by night.  With a blend of inspiration by the likes of Edward Hopper, Arnold Newman, and Yousuf Karsh, he mixes digital and film formats but favors the forever beautiful depth begot with the epic Pentax 6x7 and 5x7 view cameras.   

Michael embodies the whole point of why M80 was created.  Gorgeous imagery, that otherwise would've been lost to the archives.