Sharon Williams



We have to admit, with our collective eye on what's perceived to be provocative, we almost missed the simple beauty of Sharon Williams' work.  But amidst her larger, ever-growing body of fanciful imagery, these impressive flower studies captured our attention.  Absent of the pretense of many other notable floral fashionista shooters, these are anything but just pretty flowers. They're real studies, modern but reminiscent of the 18th century commissioned illustrations seen in Seba's Cabinet of Curiosities and others.

Sharon picked up her camera for the first time a few years ago, she jokingly likens herself to the pioneering 19th century photographer, Julia Margaret Cameron, who started her photography career in her 40’s.  Having studied art at school Sharon has an appreciation of form, color, texture and composition and uses this with her unique interpretation of the subject to create images that are often described as sensitive and emotive.  It is her belief is that in order to create an image she has to feel it.  When shooting, it is both the image captured by the camera and the mood she experienced, that becomes the final image.  Sharon's images are often ambiguous and playful yet rooted in reality.  Her camera lens reveals details of everyday things bringing a fresh perspective to the beauty of the ordinary.  She hopes that her work encourages others to stop, look and very importantly to be mindful of the moment. Sharon’s personal style quickly drew her into abstract photography which is driven by the need to create something that was not there before.  Dissimilar to the clarity of her botanical work Sharon's abstract work is atmospheric, often blurring reality with personal recall, the ambiguity of which she hopes give people time for reflection.

Creating art is an expression of my journey that is forever evolving. - SW