There’s a big divide in the art world between the perpetually hyped stars of the gallery establishment model and countless lost talents, never realized or recognized - or simply, creatively devoured by the exploitative internet sales wolves, who poster, screen save and coffee mug the living sh!t out of what was once special.

So -  We’re doing something different.  We're saying F#CK the politics and status quo!

We’re putting the curating of this movement back into the hands of those who actually know art - ARTISTS and COLLECTORS.
As well, through thoughtful collaboration and adherence to tangibility, we aim to take back what’s been long exploited  - a truly limited edition.

ASK YOURSELF -  Who's better to curate the flow of s!ck imagery coming from a relatively new and globally connected world in which incredible imagery is everywhere, so much so, it’s lost in it’s everywhere-ness.  Is it the curatorial sensibilities of the upper east side debutant or the slick accented, suited up, gallery know-it-alls who have their jobs 'cause daddy bought a Hirst?  Or is it the unexpected, uncorrupted artists and impassioned collectors and admirers of the larger visual world, who actually know what the f#ck art is and hunger for what’s just now being, and what's yet-to-be, discovered - constantly seeking and pushing to invite new provocations to their collective of visual curiosities.

Our purpose in creating M80 is to respect both artist and collector, not pander to them. If you’re a collector, you want to be confident you're buying from the best and edition limits are being respected.  If you’re and artist, you want to be confident you're showing with the best and edition limits are being respected.  So let a playa play - let the creators create.  And let collectors support and enjoy being a part of an artist's continued creative development.

With eyes blind to politics, honoring the image over all else, we aim to change the landscape of celebrated art.

We're a niche within a vast expanse of art sales experiences.  We know we're not for everyone.  Our focus is on what we do what we do best - bringing incredible art to light though our inclusive, yet exclusive, exhibition platform  Our photography and illustration prints are created with tremendous care, because we believe in respecting both our people - and the process.

By working directly with our artists to satisfy their materials and edition limit desires, we produce their imagery in the highest quality manner.  And once an edition is sold out, it’s sold out.  Both our artist and ourselves are contractually and legally bound not to produce any work that would harm the integrity of any edition sold through M80.

Have more questions?  Go to our questions and answers page.