Print editions

Through our unique submission, voting and curating platform, a small cohesive series from each accepted artist is selected from their larger body of work. From these smaller series, M80 creates even smaller, tangible limited print editions.  We collaborate with artists to honor each image and their specific materials specifications. All M80 editions are created by experienced printers, using museum quality papers and inks. The highest attention is placed upon each edition we produce.

White border dimensions will be noted in the print description. As well, all our print editions are given a certificate of authenticity signed by either the artists, one of the M80 founding members, or both.


Framing is an art of it’s own. As far as we're concerned, it's as important to the final display of a piece, as the artwork itself. So why not perpetuate this collaborative spirit and support yet another artist within the greater art community, while affording you, the collector, an opportunity of your own creative input. We don’t frame so we don’t have to jack sky-high the shipping costs involved with unnecessarily oversized and fragile artwork - nor incur the added liability of delivering to our customer anything but our high of quality.

Payment & Security

M80Artists operates safely under the protective umbrella of Shopify Payments a highly secure and PCI/SSL certifide e-commerce gateway. We accepts Visa, Mastercard, AMEX and Discover.

Shipping & Taxes

M80Artists uses multiple shipping carriers in order to give our customers the most secure and efficient delivery possible. Sales taxes will be show at checkout. Depending on a collector’s shipping location, they may be required to pay import duties at the time of delivery.


If with in two weeks of receiving your order, you’re not satisfied with your M80 purchase, please email and let us know you'd like to return your print.  Include your order number, name, time of purchase, as much information as possible as well as the reason for your return.   Once we’ve received the artwork back at M80, undamaged, we will refund your purchase.  For further inquiries, email us at

Submissions & Voting Requirements

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Member Artists

Image requirements

When submitting online, please stick to optimized for web jpegs with a width of about 1200-1500px.  However, when accepted as an M80 artist, we'll need high resolusion printable files such as RAW, TIFF & PSD.  
File size depends largely on the desired final print size. Yes, it’s all digitized these days – so make sure your files are appropriate, because we simply won't skimp on quality.
Color management etc - Feel free to give us your desired specs and we’ll adhere to them.  Or we can give you ours.  Either way, our human print maker is incredible with color and has worked with some of the most celebrated fashion and art photographers in the world.

For further questions, please find us here:

Print | Paper | Ink Options

The world is your oyster. We absolutely try to work with and satisfy the material desires of each artist exhibiting on, however, if gold leaf printing on the elbows of endangered species is your bag, then we’re probably not the best fit for you.


50/50. It’s that simple. We exhibit, promote, print, ship etc. You the artist, simply send M80 your high resolution images, printable to both our standards as well as details about the work and yourself.  There's an artist agreement so the particulars are clear to both of us. Once a work is sold, we send you the 50% advertised price of the work. 

Further questions or comments? Contact us at