Breaking Point 9

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Breaking Point is a contemplation on life, what waves can teach us, and how similar the ebb and flow of waves are to our lives.

The reaching, the desire for something, the build up – which inevitable has to come to a halt – a breaking or tipping point. But rather than diminish in those moments when things fall apart, to actually trust and realize it is by no means an end, but an opportunity to start over, and simply allow the flow to happen, to never give up.


SIZE: 17"X22" + 2" white border all sides
Edition of 30 


SIZE: 28"X40" + 2" white border all sides
Edition of 10 


SIZE: 40"X60" + 2" white border all sides
Edition of 5

One-Off Only 
SIZE: 60"X90"  

All prints on archival matte paper 
Numbered & Signed on front
Certificate of Authenticity with each Edition
Unframed. Why Unframed?


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